Shanti Hastkala has a pool of volunteers who work with the villagers in and around Magod (Valsad District) in guiding and assisting them in the arts of making earthern lamps, silk bags, card board picture frames, calendars and decorated paper bags.The main purpose of this is to enable the villagers to undertake employment / self employment within their respective village geographies. The volunteers of Shanti Hastkala which include students, teachers, self employed professionals, housewives and even retired people represent a mix of varied skills. Teaching the crafts and supplying the materials are multi part tasks. In addition to Chideshwari, Hiral Gadhia, and Aastha Desai also contribute their time and energy regularly to the continuity and strength of the Shanti Hastkala project. First a demonstration is given – showing how the item is to be made. Practice material such as newspaper is left with the villagers to work on. The villagers are very poor; there is no lighting after dark and sometimes not enough food. Many do not read or write. The intention and the result of this project are to help them feel able to support themselves. Ten or twenty dollars that the small gifts can add up to, do make a large difference.We will update the website with Shanti Hastkala items that are for sale. The earnings from the sale of the items made by the Shanti Hastkala are reinvested in employment generation for the villagers.


Tailoring classes are conducted every day in the Magod ashram premises to assist the villagers in the art of sewing. Some of the villagers come to learn basic sewing while there are many who come to enhance their existing sewing skills. The sewing classes follow the syllabus prescribed by the state government for its Diploma students. At present there are 3 teachers teaching Stitching is taught with the following aims:
  • Preparing the students for Government Diploma exam, following ac prescribed Syllabus.
  • Teaching Housewives & students with thea aim to help them earn a livelihood locally & alternatively help obtain work for them from other towns.


Shanti Hastkala is planning remedial and supplementary coaching for different categories of students from schools in surrounding villages, so that they can continue higher education with greater suceess.